COVID-19 Information Centre

If you are experiencing any symptoms,
call the Information and Assessment Centre at
1-855-977-7737 or 226-446-9909

The True Strength of a Community in the Face of Adversity is how we protect our Elders and Most Vulnerable

Stay home to stop the spread

Healthy 6Nay COVID-19 Situation Reports

September 11th COVID-19 Situation Report


Six Nations Community Report September 11th 2020

These reports will now include case information in Ontario Schools.

These reports will be released Fridays and Tuesdays of every week. 

Safety, Care, and Prevention

Standardized Covid-19 Screening Tool


Standardized Covid-19 Screening Tool

ECG - Community Event Proposal Form


Oct. 21, 2020 - Community Event Proposal to Six Nations Community from Emergency Control Group During COVID 19 Pandemic Please fill out this proposal template with all the relevant information on the event that you are organizing in the community.

Practical Guidance for Funerals, Wakes or Memorials during the COVID-19 Pandemic


***Updated October 21, 2020***

Practical Guidance for Funerals, Wakes or Memorials during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Case Definitions


Terms used and defined to explain what is being talked about

when Cases are deemed: Probable, Confirmed, Active, Resolved, 

total and New Daily Cases.

Covid-19 Self Assessment


Feeling Ill Take the Covid-19 Self Assessment, You will be guided through

to What Your Next Steps Will Be

To Self Assess: (Visit the  Link)

Community Notices

Tsi Nón:we Entewaháhara’ne’– Our Path Forward Six Nations COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Plan Update


Tsi Nón:we Entewaháhara’ne’– Our Path Forward Six Nations COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Plan Update

Updated: November 23, 2020

24 pages, pdf download, 428 kb

Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) COVID-19 Update - November Q's & A's


1.During the COVID-19 pandemic, can I still access Non-Insured Health Benefits?

Yes, the NIHB Program continues to provide benefits and services.
The NIHB Drug Exception Centre, Dental Pre-Determination Centre and NIHB regional call centres continue to operate and receive calls, faxes and emails from clients and vendors.

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Consensus Statement on Management of COVID-19 in Schools in the OH West Region


SEPTEMBER 2020 - The following consensus points have been developed to provide consistency in response to COVID-19 in schools across local public health units in western Ontario.

RAEB Health Research Evidence Updates

RAEB COVID-19 Evidence Update #31




Stay at home if you are sick.


Keep commonly touched places clean & disinfected. Keep washing your hands.


Obey public health advice & social distancing.


Do not touch your face.


Emergency situations call 911.


Nose & mouth etiquette. Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. Throw tissue into garbage and wash your hands.