For Immediate Release: March 12, 2021

The Six Nations COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic is ready to begin vaccinating the community of Six
Nations. Clinics are scheduled today, Friday, March 12, and next week on Tuesday, March 16
and Thursday, March 18 at the Emily C. General Elementary School, which was recently revamped to accommodate this clinic in late February. More dates and times for clinics will beannounced as they are confirmed.

The vaccine clinic confirmed earlier this week that over 2000 people have pre-registered and
yet there is a need for even more membersto pre-register in order to administer the full
amount of doses allotted to Six Nations.

All community members who are currently pre-registered for the COVID-19 vaccine will be
scheduled to be vaccinated within the next couple of weeks. No walk-ins will be accepted
during these clinics and public health measures are in place at the clinic. There is a strict byappointment only rule currently in effect for the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

Every community member 18 years of age or older is strongly encouraged to pre-register in
advance to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This can be done online at
under the vaccine pre-registration section of the website.

Membersthat do not have access to the internet may call 226-227-9288 from Monday to Friday
between 9:00AM and 4:30PM to pre-register. Members are encouraged to pre-register online
where possible to avoid overwhelming the phone line.

Elders will continue to be prioritized in the vaccine roll-out, so they are strongly encouraged to
pre-register as soon as possible. Once pre-registration is complete, members will be contacted
by staff from the vaccine clinic to confirm the date and time of their appointment. Please bring
your completed consent form with you to the clinic. The consent form can be found online at

Members must ensure that phone volumes are on and turned up in order to receive these calls
from the vaccine clinic. These calls are confirming your appointment and no voicemails will be
left to members, instead the next person on the list will be contacted to confirm their
appointment. This is all to ensure that vaccine doses are not wasted, as there is a set time to
administer them after the vials have been opened.

Six Nations is guaranteed more shipments of COVID-19 vaccine doses within the coming days,
which meansthere will be a steady stream of doses coming into the community. This eliminatesthe need for using the COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization Matrix due to a greater quantity of vaccines coming into the community. A reminder that this prioritization matrix was only used when we were in the context of an extremely low number of vaccines coming into the

Please remember that those who have received vaccines off-reserve at another clinic must get
their second dose with that same public health unit. If you have already received your first dose
off-reserve, you cannot get your second dose at Six Nations at this point in time.

Please continue to exercise the public health measures we have been following throughout the
pandemic as there are members of our community who are not eligible for vaccine yet, such as
our children. We must consider them in continuing to prevent the spread of this virus.