For Immediate Release: February 3,2021

The Six Nations Police Service (SNPS) is noting a consistent rate of community members travelling
across the border.

SNPS receives a list of these travelers from the Canada Border Services Agency and then conducts
checks on those travelers to ensure that they are abiding by the 14-day quarantine period before they
return to daily community activities, which are to be essential only during the Alert Level Black status.
A fine under the Quarantine Act is possible for those who fail to comply with the isolation
requirements. The set fine is $1000.00 for those failing to comply under the Quarantine Act which is a
Federal statue. Whereas the Reopening Act of Ontario is a Provincial legislation that pertains more to
social gatherings and businesses failing to comply with COVID-19 guidelines, that set fines for
individuals breaching any guidelines are $750.00.

In addition to the steady stream of community members travelling across the border, Ohsweken
Public Health is also noticing some individuals are not staying home when they are self-isolating or
under quarantine related to exposure to COVID-19 or because they travelled recently.

To clarify, if you are quarantining or self-isolating this means that you are to stay home for a minimum
of 14 days or until otherwise directed by Ohsweken Public Health.

A 14-day quarantine is required for community members that have travelled out-of-province, whereas
self-isolation is a directive that comes from Ohsweken Public Health and is ordered when a member
has either come into close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, or they themselves are a
confirmed case of COVID-19.

Both of these isolation measures are the most effective tools to ensure that COVID-19 does not
continue to spread within the community and across the province, and if followed more closely, will
bring us back to normal that much sooner and allow us to once again gather safely with family and

However, these guidelines will only be effective if each member of our community commits to
following them, including orders to quarantine or self-isolate.

“Each community member must do their part by following the health and safety measures that
protect against COVID-19. It needs to be stressed to the community that they should only be travelling
for essential purposes,” said Lori Davis Hill, Director of Health Services.