Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (EC) and the Emergency Control Group (ECG) are
excited to announce more vaccinations have taken place since the second community update that
was provided this past Saturday January 9, 2021 (the first update was provide on December 15,

Hamilton Health Sciences Hospital is the Pfizer vaccination hub location for Six Nations Long Term
Care (LTC) staff, and they have vaccinated twenty-seven staff and support workers from Iroquois
Lodge thus far.

Iroquois Lodge and Jay Silverheels staff are working through obtaining resident’s consent for COVID
vaccinations, and they will be the first community resident group to receive doses.

Four Six Nations Paramedics received the Pfizer vaccination to date, and are generating a list of at
least 10 other paramedics in line for the next vaccination date.

Six Nations Paramedics, Ohsweken Public Health and Health Services staff are also working through
training and administration in order to be fully prepared to administer the vaccinations within the
community, when Six Nations receives doses.

Currently, the Pfizer vaccinations are only being administered at designated hospitals determined
by the province and Ministry of Health, and have a tight twenty-one day second dose timeline
window that must be confirmed by both the vaccinator and community member.

The Moderna vaccinations are expected to be shipped directly to the community, and have a tight
twenty-eight day second dose window that must be confirmed by both the vaccinator and the

It is important to note that the shipment quantity will impact Six Nations distribution to the
community, and to date Six Nations have not heard specifically from the province details on
vaccination shipment quantity, or dates.

However Director of Health Services Lori Davis Hill notes “It is expected the initial shipment
quantities will not be sufficient to begin mass immunization, due to the high global demand, which
is why we are having fulsome discussions to confirm the priority list.”

The Six Nations COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force will be confirming the priority list this week, working
diligently with meetings underway daily, from which will develop a presentation to Elected Council,
and then the final decision will be announced to the community.

This Task Force continues to work devotedly to confirm the priority list and logistics planning,
guided by the province’s ethical framework that ensures a prioritization list for the community that
is fair.

EC continue to participate in various provincial and federal table discussions around the vaccination
distribution and will continue to represent Six Nations at those tables.

COVID vaccination will not be mandatory and will be a personal choice when it becomes readily

Community patience is greatly appreciated during these frantic times, and will look to provide more
updates in the coming weeks, please continue to follow our social media platforms and websites:

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The community is urged, now more than ever to please continue to follow the trusted guidance of
the local Ohsweken Public Health, Gane Yohs Health Centre to slow the spread and Protect Our

This is especially crucial during the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccinations.