Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council report that some vaccinations have begun for
Iroquois Lodge’s Long Term Care (LTC) staff.

The Pfizer vaccinations are being administered at specific hospitals, acting as hubs to distribute the
vaccine to Long Term Care Staff across Ontario, and Six Nations LTC staff have begun to receive
their vaccinations earlier today at the Hamilton Health Sciences Hospital.

To clarify and address a Facebook post made by a staff member at Iroquois Lodge earlier yesterday,
Six Nations is not administering vaccinations at this time but are working towards confirming the
priority list, staffing, and distribution logistics.

To confirm, this staff member received their vaccination at the Hamilton Health Sciences hospital
and not within the community.

A Six Nations Vaccination Task Force was formed in late December 2020, and are working diligently
to confirm a prioritization list for our vulnerable community members, as well as for overall
members that wish to receive the vaccination.

The Task Force are working devotedly and are being guided by the province’s ethical framework
that ensures a prioritization list for the community that is fair.

Elected Council members are also participating in various provincial and federal table discussions
around the vaccination roll-out and will continue to represent Six Nations at those tables.

Community members are reminded that vaccination is not mandatory and will be a personal choice
when it becomes readily available; as well it is important to note that any vaccination plans are
highly dependent on the availability of vaccine, and we are still waiting on directives from the

We appreciate the community’s patience during these hectic times, and will look to provide more
updates on vaccine roll-out next week.

It is important for the community to remember that public health precautions must be maintained
within our vaccine rollout and that community members should only be gathering with those within
their household at this time.