For Immediate Release: December 23, 2020

Covid-19 Measures Increased as Six Nations Moves to Red Alert Level

Six Nations of the Grand River will move into the Red alert level of their pandemic
response framework as case numbers force lockdowns in surrounding communities.
Elected Council accepted a recommendation for the move from the Emergency
Control Group last evening.

Elected Council accepted a recommendation for the move from the Emergency
Control Group last evening.

“From the beginning of this pandemic, Six Nations of the Grand River has led a
response guided by the case numbers and other economic and social realities faced
by our community,” says Chief Mark Hill.

Although COVID-19 cases remain steady and under control with only two active
cases, the Emergency Control Group took the increasing strains on local healthcare
capacity along with other pressures into consideration when making their

The move to the Red Covid-19 alert level means the following changes in public health
and safety measures:

- Restricting any private inside or outside gatherings to your own households;
- Reducing monitored indoor gatherings to five people;
- Reducing monitored outdoor gatherings to ten people, and;
- Discouraging travel outside of the territory.

A reminder that a monitored gathering is one that has put public health measures in
place and are enforced by staff or volunteers.

More information on the measures under the Red Covid-19 alert level can be found
at as well as the Six Nations Newsletter which was mailed out to
all households. There, you can also find other health and safety tips for community
members, businesses, and other groups.

Six Nations of the Grand River adopted its own unique framework on December 1,
2020, that uses a similar code system as Ontario’s.

The move to alert level Red is in place for at least two weeks unless the circumstances
change dramatically and tougher measures are required where a move to the black
level will be recommended.

“I want to be clear that these measures are only in effect within Six Nations and based
on the expectation that members will only leave the territory for essential reasons, and
that our neighbours will follow their own lockdown orders and refrain from leaving their
houses to travel here,” says Chief Hill. “We will be closely monitoring the situation and
will not hesitate to introduce tougher measures if that expectation is not met.”

Public health officials continue to encourage members to continue to follow basic
health and safety recommendations throughout the holiday season, including only
interacting with those in your immediate household.

Six Nations will enter the Red Covid-19 alert level when Ontario does the same
on December 26, 2020 at 12:01 am.

Ohsweken Public Health will remain open over the holiday season and can be
reached by calling 519-445-2672.

Media Contact:
Six Nations of the Grand River Communications Officer
1695 Chiefswood Road, P.O. Box 5000,
Ohsweken Ontario N0A 1M0

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